Magic of Herbs and Seasonings

Magic of Herbs and Seasonings

Magic of Herbs and Seasonings

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Food is all about flavours and flavours are nothing but the spices, masalas, seasonings, and herbs that we add to our dishes.

Let’s start with understanding the depth of herbs and seasonings. These are not as straight as they sound. From your basic kitchen masalas to exotic seasoning blends and mixed spices, there’s a wide range of spices and flavours that go into your everyday food. Read below to know the breakdown in detail:

 1. Herbs: 

They come from the leafy green parts of plants and are often valued for their aromatic qualities.

Herbs can be used fresh or dried, and each form has its distinct flavour profile. Fresh herbs tend to have a more vibrant taste, while dried herbs are more concentrated so even a pinch can give a burst of fresh flavours. Some of the commonly used herbs are Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Kasuri Methi, Thyme, Mint etc.

 2. Spices

Spices are derived from various parts of plants, such as the seeds, bark, roots, or fruits. They are used to add flavour, colour, and aroma to dishes and are often dried before use.

Spices are used in dried, ground, or whole forms. Ground spices are convenient for mixing into dishes, while whole spices can be used for infusions or as a garnish. Some basic spices that every kitchen accommodates are paprika, black pepper, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves etc.


 3. Seasonings:

Seasonings is a broader category that includes herbs, spices and other flavour enhancers such as salt, pepper, and blends created for multipurpose use or specific cuisines/dishes.

Seasonings enhance the taste of food, bring out the natural flavours of ingredients, and contribute to the overall balance and harmony of the recipe. Salt and pepper are classic seasonings, and there are other available seasoning blends, such as Italian seasoning, oregano spice mix, pasta seasoning, Mexican seasoning etc.


4. Blends & Mixes:

Blends and mixes are convenient for adding complex flavours to dishes without measuring individual herbs and spices. A few examples of spice blends that combine various herbs and spices are Piri Piri, Chaat Masala, Taco seasoning etc.

Now usage of herbs and seasonings differ from cook to cook. Older people are more used to hand-ground masalas, and homemade blends while younger generations are experimenting with a lot of cuisine-based, ready-to-use spices and seasonings like Italian seasoning, Oregano spice mix, peri peri masala, Cajun seasoning etc.

Blends & Mixes

These herbs, seasonings, spices, spice mixes are magical in not just enhancing the flavour but a list of other reasons too and especially the ready-to-use ones:

- Time efficiency: Ready-to-use herbs and seasonings eliminate the need for washing, chopping, and measuring individual herbs and spices. This saves valuable time, making meal preparation quicker and more efficient.

- Consistency in Flavour: Pre-packaged herbs and seasonings often provide a consistent flavour profile, ensuring that your dishes taste the same each time you use them.

Herbs and Seasonings

- Versatility: Ready-to-use blends often complement specific types of dishes or cuisines. This allows for easy customization and adds versatility to your cooking repertoire without needing an extensive collection of individual herbs and spices just as piri piri serves endless customizations.

You can read multiple uses of Piri Piri on this blog: click

- Aroma: A significant portion of what we perceive as taste comes from our sense of smell. Herbs and seasonings release aromatic compounds that stimulate our olfactory senses, enhancing the dining experience.

- Variety & Creativity: Herbs and seasonings provide a wide range of options for chefs and home cooks to experiment with different flavour profiles. This allows for creativity in the kitchen, leading to a diverse and interesting array of dishes.

 Herbs and Seasonings

- Cultural Importance: Herbs and seasonings often carry cultural and regional significance. These are integral to traditional cuisines and can evoke a sense of heritage and identity.

In summary, herbs and seasonings are the life of your dish so don’t miss out on experimenting with different spice blends, seasonings and herbs. Try your next dish with Keya’s wide range and enjoy the delicacies even more.

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