Mexican Burrito Wrap

Mexican Burrito Wrap

Mexican Burrito Wrap

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Recipe Description


Embark on a mouthwatering journey to Mexico with our Mexican Burrito Wrap! It is filled with Mexican rice, cheese, and crunchiness, all in a cozy wrap – easy and delicious!





  1. Heat Olive oil in a pan. Sauté Chopped Garlic and Chopped Onion.
  2. Add Keya Chilli Flakes and Smashed Tomatoes to the pan. Cook thoroughly.
  3. Add Boiled Stella Rice, Boiled Rajma, American Corn, and Keya Mexican Seasoning into the pan. The Mexican rice mixture is ready.
  4. Season with Keya Black Pepper Powder and Keya Table Salt to taste. Mix well and cook properly.
  5. On a Tortilla Wrap, spread Keya Classic Mayo and place Roman Lettuce leaves on top.
  6. Spoon the prepared Mexican rice mixture onto the wrap and sprinkle with Grated Cheese.
  7. Add Chopped Jalapenos in it & Roll the Tortilla Wrap tightly.
  8. In a pan, lightly roast the wrapped burrito until golden brown.
  9. Slice the wrap and serve with salsa and sour cream. Enjoy your Mexican Burrito Wrap.

Make it at home now – a taste of Mexico awaits! Don't miss out on the delicious fun!

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