Unlock the flavours of lunch with Keya!

Unlock the flavours of lunch with Keya!

Unlock the flavours of lunch with Keya!

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Bored of the mundane lunches prepped at home and want to elevate your boring meals? Well, look no further than Keya!

Whether you are craving Italian or Chinese, Keya has got you covered amid varied cuisines to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience for your taste buds.

Here’s a cuisine wise breakdown of easy-to-prep recipes to choose from. Which of them caters to your palate today? Read to find out!

Cuisine - Italian

Dish – Arrabiatta Pasta (300gm)

Arrabiata Pasta

Ingredients - Keya Penne Pasta, Keya Chilli Flakes, Keya Oregano, Keya Black pepper, Keya Table salt, Keya basil, choice of veggies


Prep time – 20 min

Cook time – 15 min

Serves – 2


Cuisine – Chinese

Dish – Hakka Noodles 


Ingredients – Keya Hakka Noodles, veggies, Hakka Noodle Masala, table salt and black pepper   

Recipe –

Prep time –  10 min       

Cook time – 15 min

Serves – 2


 Incorporate these delectable Keya recipes into your daily meal plan, and say goodbye to mundane lunches forever. Elevate your dining experience with the flavors of Italy and China all from the comfort of your home. Bon appétit!

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