Thank you Cooking, for being one of the best Teachers!

Thank you Cooking, for being one of the best Teachers!

Thank you Cooking, for being one of the best Teachers!

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Aditi Saini

Cooking is a combination of art and science and learning it is a constant effort. From Home cooks to master chefs, everyone gets a new teaching in the kitchen every day.

The kind of utensils you use, the ingredients that you add to make flavourful dishes and the cooking process you follow for each meal is a mindful activity. Similarly, it helps you explore different walks of life like patience, senses, places, aesthetics and more. 

If you are a novice or have been a cook all your life then read below to know the things cooking teaches you.

1. Be yourself

Someone who has a newly found love for cooking tries simple dishes but doesn’t hesitate to try them differently. For example, making a cup of tea is the easiest thing to learn but turning it into your go-to snack, you try to add flavours like Cardamom Powder, and Cinnamon Powder that make it different from a regular chai. It’s all about how you want your flavours in a dish and life. So, you try and find things in life that are creatively unique for you.

2. Art of Seasoning

Just as you dress up and complete the look with accessories, you make your food exciting with extra flavours before serving. That coriander garnishes on your butter paneer or that Oregano Seasoning on your pizza or pasta gives a twist to your basic dishes. The art flows from the kitchen to different life situations like decorating your basic living room and adding good music to your otherwise boring life.


 3. Discover the World

Since travelling across places is not always doable, you try to bring in the culture of those places at home. Celebrating festivals, adapting attire, and savouring dishes of different places in the world connects you to different cultures. For eg: You are curious to try Mac n Cheese at home just as Americans savour it. You want to try Kimchi Noodles just as Koreans would love their noodles with chopsticks and a garnish of sesame seeds. As food connects the world, you get abundant knowledge about these places when you cook their cuisines at home.

4. Get Confident

Cooking doesn’t come naturally to anyone. You always rely on somebody or something to learn the skill. You might be a self-taught cook but your parent/friend/YouTube must’ve helped you in your journey. Once you learn the basic understanding of spices, ingredients, and processes for each dish and you put in constant time and effort in cooking, you become confident enough to try something out of your comfort zone. Keya’s range is on a mission to help you build that confidence in the kitchen while giving you the best flavours for different dishes and cuisines.


Try your hands-on cooking and share your learnings with us. And don’t be scared to try exciting food because Keya will always have your back in the kitchen.


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