7 Day Meal Ideas

7 Day Meal Ideas

7 Day Meal Ideas

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Bored with your weekly meal routine? We know it requires too much thinking when it comes to figuring out breakfast ideas, tiffin box recipes, lunch dishes and dinner recipes throughout the week. 

Keeping your kids happy with the food is a task and it’s no different for adults in the house. After endless restaurant options flooding across, everyone wants to indulge in food and snack items that remind them of some restaurant or café they ate at.

We are exposed to a plethora of cuisines, dishes, and snacks outside that everyday meals at home are expected to be varied and flavourful.

To keep up with this expectation, we have planned a mouth-watering meal plan that could satisfy each member’s wish.


1. Breakfast Ideas

We know you’ve eaten poha, oats, muesli and had milk/coffee/tea for breakfast for most of your lives. Let’s take you a notch up with some exciting breakfast options that’ll never make you skip your first meal of the day. 


- Try a loaded breakfast bowl with a fruit of choice, some assorted nuts and seeds, yoghurt, rolled/soaked oats with layers and dust it with some Keya Cardamom Powder for that extra flavour. 


- English breakfast with half-fried egg, a pinch of Keya Black Pepper and Keya Table salt, readymade sausages, baked beans, roasted tomato and mushroom slices with dust of Keya Mixed HerbsKeya Black Pepper & Keya Table Salt. Add hash browns with Keya Chilli Flakes, Keya Black Pepperand Keya Oregano as a side.


- Breakfast Burrito also known as a breakfast wrap with a filling of leftover rice, baked beans, American corn, Jalapeno, Keya Mexican SeasoningKeya Black Pepper & Keya Table Salt.

Breakfast Ideas


2. Lunch/Tiffin Box Ideas

Are you and your kids done eating the same aloo sabzi- roti, basic sandwiches, wraps for lunch and tiffin? Let’s bring you some exciting food ideas for lunch that you’ll never feel like sharing with others.


- Schezwan Rice with some leftover rice or freshly made rice, spring onions, French beans, carrot and Keya Schezwan Chutney for that authentic Chinese flavour.


- Piri Piri Dosa where your usual South Indian dosa gets a twist of spicy, tangy flavour of Keya Piri Piri with added aloo bhaji and coconut chutney.


- Masala Paneer Bhurji Paratha with paneer crushed and sautéed with onion, tomato, and coriander and spice it up with Keya Kashmiri Paprika PowderKeya Chilli Flakes, Keya Black Pepper, Keya Table Salt with a sweet savoury dip of Keya Tomato Ketchup.

 Lunch Ideas


3. Evening Snacks

We know that time of the day when you get hunger pangs but don’t get the right snack to eat. As the day winds up we want you to have snack items that would make you happy after a long day of work, school, chores etc.


Keya Instant Pasta is an evening snack to fulfil not just your Italian cravings but Chinese, American and Indian-style pasta cravings. This is more than a snack as it’s a bowl full of saucy flavours, loaded veggies and suji pasta.


- Piri Piri Roasted Makhana is a healthy snack with a twist of the spicy tangy flavour of Keya Piri Piri. It’s a go-to snack item if you’re on the move, chilling at home, studying, working or just want to binge on food.


- Sweet Potato Chaat to savour the street food at home but a healthier version of your normal chaat. Take boiled/roasted sweet potato for that smoky flavour, and top it with chopped onions, tomato, green chilli, fresh coriander and a whole lot of Keya Chaat Masala for the sweet savoury flavour.

Evening Snacks 


4. Dinner Dishes

Since it’s the last meal of the day, it has to be the best of all. Now best is not your regular dishes for dinner but something that will remind you of some great restaurant or café.


- Spaghetti bowl to break the monotony of daily homemade dishes for dinner. Cook Keya Spaghetti with Keya Italian Seasoning, Keya Chilli Flakes, red sauce, diced mushroom, broccoli & zucchini. Sprinkle some more Italian Herb Seasoning to enjoy a consistent taste until the last bite.


- Creamy Herb rice with leftover rice/ freshly cooked white rice, Keya Mixed Herbs, Keya Black Pepper, Keya Chilli Flakes, Keya Travancore Nutmeg Powder, Keya Table Salt, fresh cream and garnish with some grated cheese.


- Stuffed Naan with Keya Black Pepper, Keya Table Salt, Keya Garlic Granules and abundant cheese filling and we added a small twist to your Naan with Keya Garlic Bread Seasoning in the filling.

Dinner Dishes


Plan your meals for the day with different combinations that we shared and enjoy an exciting week with interesting snacks and dishes.

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