3 Fun Snack Recipes with leftover Chapati

3 Fun Snack Recipes with leftover Chapati

3 Fun Snack Recipes with leftover Chapati

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Aditi Saini

Chapati- A staple at every household that you cannot run from. Don’t worry, we got you covered with the best roti makeovers ready in a snap.

And guess what? You don’t need to go to the market to transform your roti. 

Read through these quick snack ideas with just a few ingredients found in your kitchen.


1. Roti Pizza 



Make this roti pizza in less than 15 minutes to treat yourself to an easy snack at home.

- Take a leftover chapatti. Spread Keya Classic Tomato KetchupKeya Schezwan chutney on it.

- Add veggie toppings of your choice like onion, tomato, and capsicum.

- Spread grated cheese on it. How much cheese is too much cheese? There’s no such thing for a pizza and we just love a cheese-burst pizza

- Sprinkle Keya Italian Pizza Oregano and Keya Pizza Chilli on it.

- Heat a pan on low flame and bake the roti pizza with the lid on for 3 mins.

- Enjoy with an extra sprinkle of Keya Pizza Chilli and Keya Italian Pizza Oregano.

Let’s keep you amped up with more snack ideas ahead for your daily, sad roti.


2. Roti Frankie Roll

Roti Frankie Roll


Get out of the boredom of chapatti bhaji and make it a fun food combo that you’ll love to have every day.

- Mix your bhaji (potato/cabbage/paneer) with Keya Schezwan chutney and Classic mayonnaise.

- Fill the roti with the mixture and roll it.

- Pan roast it from all sides for 2 mins.

- Enjoy the Frankie roll with some extra spice and flavour from Keya Piri Piri.


We’re not done yet, so be with us to read through the easiest snack idea among all the snack ideas shared so far.


3. Chapati Masala Papad

Chapati Masala Papad


Normal Masala Papad is cliché but chapatti papad with masala can transcend you to another level of excitement.

- Roat your chapatti on both sides until crispy.

- Spread ghee on one side.

- Mix diced tomatoes and onions with Keya Piri Piri and spread on one side.

- Savour the masala papad as a quick healthy snack.

We’re sure, after reading this, you’ll start enjoying roti more and shed the cringe of “same, old food.. ugh!!” 


Follow this space for more such fun food ideas and quick recipes to try at home!

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