Parsley makes wonders in stews, sauces, cheese spreads, rice dishes and vegetables.

KEYA Parsley is used for flavouring Parsley Potatoes, Garnish, Soups, Stuffed in Omelettes, Parsley Yoghurt Dip and Parsley Hummus. It is also used for marinating, dressings & with infused oils.

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Italian Pasta Seasoning
olive oil,  Keya oregano seasoning, cloves garlic,  Italian parsley, s more

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40 mins
Garlic Bread With Cheese
loaf french bread, butter, Keya parsley,  Keya basil,  Keya oregano more

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50 mins
Chilly Garlic Pasta
fresh italian parsley , spaghetti , virgin olive oil , garlic , Keya piri p more

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40 min

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