• So,what makes us so cool and special?

  • Why does everybody, from a trainee chef to a seasoned grandmother, love our products?

  • Why is KEYA synonymous with unbelievably delicious food?

The answer is no mystery.

It's a little bit of art and a whole lot of science.

Finest Ingredients

Ask your grandmother and she’ll tell you what difference the right ingredient makes in your life.

We always listened to our grandmothers. Keya is the modern avatar of the age old smartness. It’s about picking the right stuff from the correct place. That is exactly what our expert panel & connoisseurs do. They travel from Germany to Italy, Malaysia, Chile, Sri Lanka and back to the Himalayas to pick up the best and finest ingredients.

Quality Standards

Keya as a team, we follow the best Quality Standards and Practices and  Customer Satisfaction is our top priority.

Automated Processes

Sometimes, it’s good to trust machines. Not always, but at times they are the best thing you have.

Well, our experts love handpicked and perfect ingredients. But after that we let the machines take over. Our state of art technology and a series of automated processes, ensures that taste and flavours are uniform, standardised and impeccable, every step of the way.

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