Shahi Chicken Masala

Keya Khada Masala blends are whole spice mixes, Hand Picked in the right proportion by expert chefs, gently blended and Coarse Ground to unlock its taste and aroma only while cooking. The magic of Aroma Locked Shahi Chicken Masala comes alive with flavourful bursts of real whole spices.

No added colours, No MSG

No added Preservatives

Pre-Roasted Coarse Ground Spices which preserve Volatile Oils

Blend to perfection based on age-old recipes

Aroma locked - only to release while cooking

Called as the ‘Country Captain Chicken’, Chicken Curry is said to be invented by British people. The taste was comparable to Rabbit for them; at the same time chicken was readily available. They took the chicken to England and started to cook Chicken Stew. And this was the foundation of Chicken Curry which is an everyday special meals for millions!

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