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KEYA Piri Piri Seasoning is used in Grilled Chicken, Chilli Garlic Pasta, Spicy Fried Rice, French Fries, Popcorn, Chicken popcorn, sandwiches, Burger, Salads, Rolls, Grilled Veggies, Pakora, Cutlet, Frankie, Spring rolls, Potato wedges, Corns Salad, Samosa, Veg fingers, etc.

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Some facts about Piri Piri

Piri Piri is a famous African flavour. The word piri means pepper in Swahili. Originally it is a very spicy sauce made with distinct peppers. KEYA brings the Piri Piri, made especially for Indian kitchens. So get ready to bring the international flavour to your meals and impress everyone.


Iodized salt, dehydrated vegetable powder (tamarind, garlic, onion), mixed spices and herbs (chilli, pepper, parsley, oregano), sugar, acidity regulator (E330)

Want to know what you can do with Piri Piri

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Piri Piri Arabi Pakoda
Wash dry and chop the arabi leaves. Add sliced onion, chopped coriander, ch more

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, 2 Keya ingredients
Rice Kheer White Chocolate Mousse With Apricots Keya Piri Piri Compote
Rice Kheer, Double Cream, Rasmalai Sauce, White Chocganache more

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, 1 Keya ingredients
Piri Piri Grilled Chicken
cuplemon juice , boneless chicken breast halves , Keya piri piri seasonin more

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60 min, 1 Keya ingredients
Piri Piri Baked Chicken
chicken , honey , onion , garlic , lemon juice , broth , Keya piri piri s more

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40 min, 1 Keya ingredients

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