Best quality black pepper from Malabar adds authentic flavor to your daily food.

Use it to boost the taste and aroma of your authentic Indian pulav and biriyani

Authentic Taste

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Some facts about Malabar Black Pepper Powder

KEYA Malabar Black Pepper  Powder is made with Black Pepper kernels, handpicked from the Malabar region and ground to perfection for that flawless zing. Mix it while cooking or sprinkle it on top of your food, for a truly unmatched, spicy experience.


Black Pepper

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Vegetables Salt and Pepper Recipe
vegetables, flour, cornflour, Keya salt, Keya black pepper, Keya garlic more

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40 mins, 2 Keya ingredients
Curried Chicken
Cut chicken into cubes of even shape and add Keya salt and Keya black peppe more

(0 reviews)

Shammi Shikampuri Kebab
channa dal , Keya clove , Keya green cardamom , Keya black peppercorn more

(0 reviews)

40 mins, 6 Keya ingredients
Indian Spice Concoction Recipe
Keya black peppercorns, sunflower oil, Keya cardamom, Keya cinnamon more

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10 mins, 5 Keya ingredients

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