The shredded Chive straws are great for flavouring fish preparations, potatoes & soups.

KEYA Chives is used for flavouring Sour Cream, Chive mashed potatoes, soups, cream sauce, potato salad as well as for marinating.

Originated in Europe, Asia & North America

Rich in Vitamin A & C

Use in soups,

Sprinkle on top

Add while cooking

Some facts about Chives

Native to Europe, Asia & North America; Chives are the smallest species of the onion family. Chives are considered good for blood circulation as they help in lowering the blood pressure. Chives are also rich in Vitamin A & C and contain trace amounts of sulphur and iron.

Other Usage

Antibiotic properties, beneficial for circulatory system and anti-ageing benefits. It also aids in digestion, helps in healing wounds, dry skins, hair loss, etc. It is also a good anti-oxidants.

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